Office of Special Education

Getting Started — IHRS Basics

Using the CAL Link, List Box and List of Values Functions

IHRS Calendar Display Window


Type all dates using the eight-digit format MM/DD/YYYY or select the date from the Calendar pop-up window. The Calendar opens with today’s date as the default.

  • Click  <<  to move the calendar display one YEAR prior to the displayed month.
  • Click  <  to move the calendar display one MONTH prior to the displayed month.
  • Click  >>  to advance the calendar display one YEAR after the displayed year.
  • Click  >  to advance the calendar display one MONTH after the displayed month.
  • Click Today to display today's date.

To select a date

  1. Select the correct month from the list box.
  2. Select the correct year in the year field.
  3. Click on the correct number in the calendar grid. The date is inserted in the data entry field. Future dates can be entered only for future events (hearings, corrective actions).

List Box

List Box Field

A list box is a standard Windows convention for selecting pre-determined values. A default value is automatically inserted into a list box field. For example, the default value for Case Type is CSE. You will need to change the value to CPSE for a Committee on Pre-School Special Education case.

To select a list box value:

  1. Click on the down arrow to expand the list to view all available values.
  2. Click on the value you want to select to insert it into the field.

List of Values (List)

Institution field and List link

List of Values (List) is similar to the List Box in that it provides you with a list of pre-defined values from which to choose.

Institution List Values Display Window

To select a value from a list:

  1. Click on the List  link to the right of the field to open the window with the list of values for that field.
  2. Click the blue underlined value you want to select, the List  window closes and the selected value is inserted in the field.

When a List  is very long, you can search for a value instead of scrolling through the list. If you are not sure of the spelling, you can use the % wild card. The wild card represents any value. For example, in the Institution List Values Window:

  • Type %Park% in the search field at the top of the window if you want to find a school district that has “Park” anywhere in its name. This is the most effective use of the % wild card in most cases.

  • Type %Park in the search field at the top of the window if you want to find a school district ends with “Park” preceded by anything.

  • Type Park% in the search field at the top of the window if you want to find a school district that starts with “Park” followed by anything.

Enter this:

To find this:


Hyde Park
West Park City


Hyde Park



Finding, Entering and Saving Data

Save, Revert and New Buttons

To enter a new record (e.g., opening a new case) or enter new data to a sub-record (e.g., IHO Appointment, Hearings, Extensions, etc.) click on the New button where applicable. New or changed information on a data entry window is not permanent until you click the Save button.

You may modify some fields in a case record that has previously entered and saved information. Should you need to change the information you have entered back to the information that was previously saved click Revert. The Revert button is only available in records where information was previously entered and saved and data fields are modifiable. The Revert button will not “undo” saved information. See Data Change Requests for further information on modifiable fields and changing saved data.

Clear Button

To clear data you have entered in blank data fields (e.g., fields in a new case record) or data you have entered in search fields on a query screen (e.g., searching for a case record in Case Maintenance) click on Clear. The Clear button is only available on new case records where information has not been saved yet and on query screens. Once the information is entered and saved, it is now a record and may be modifiable, in which case, you will then see the Revert button rather than the Clear button. The Clear button will not “undo” any data once entered and saved. See Data Change Requests for further information on modifiable fields and changing saved data.

Find Button

To find a record you have previously entered (e.g., searching for a case record in Case Maintenance or Case Query – Detail) enter your search criteria and click the Find button. See Getting Started: Using Basic Data Analysis for more information on searching for records in IHRS.

Success and Error Messages

Success! (in green) will appear at the top of the screen to acknowledge that the new information you entered was saved.

Error! (in red) will appear at the top of the screen indicating that the new information was NOT saved. This may be because required information is missing or the information entered is invalid. You must correct the missing or invalid information before you can save.

Note: If you do not receive either a “Success” message or a resulting error message click Refresh on your browser’s tool bar to confirm your data was entered.

Pop-Up Messages

A pop-up message in a separate window may appear indicating an error has occurred with instructions on how to correct the error. If you receive a pop-up error message box, click OK to close the box and make the correction as instructed.

Request a Data Change

Many data entry fields in IHRS cannot be changed once they are saved by the user, therefore, accurate data entry is important. However, if an error is entered and cannot be modified by the user a data change request form is available in the IHRS application. Please see Request a Data Change for assistance with submitting a data change form from the IHRS application. For more information regarding fields that may be modified by the user please see Modifiable Fields in Getting Started: IHRS Basics.

Screen Navigation

Navigate through IHRS using the main toolbars at the top and bottom of all the windows. Try to avoid using the Forward and Back buttons on your browser bar as this may cause you to lose any unsaved data that you have previously entered.

IHRS Navigation Bar

Icon or Link

What it does


Moves you to the IHO Main Menu

Start New Search

Opens a new search in the area you have selected


When performing a Case Query Search, this button will appear on the individual case screen for easy navigation back to the list of query results


Returns you to the Portal page


Opens IHRS Online Help


Logs your username out of the IH Reporting System